After a growing season of long hard work, winter decorating is one of the most inspiring things I do!  We all know winter in Wisconsin is often cold and dark.  Most people don’t think about including a bright container in the landscape.  Often overlooked, winter decorating is so rewarding and provides much needed interest, color and protection for birds and other wildlife though the holidays and beyond.

In Wisconsin, containers must be weatherproof.  Ceramic and other summer planters  may crack and break with our constant freezing and thawing.  I usually use plastic pots, but decorating is not limited to just containers.  I make specialty swags for benches, sleighs on a front porch, or for above porch and garage lights.  Adding red berries and a beautiful colored ribbon, or even lights makes for a simple way to add color to the dark days of winter.

To add color to a porch, pergola or lamp post, simply wrap evergreen roping with lights and wrap around the posts!  Large pine cones, dried hydrangeas and various types of dogwoods add texture and color as well.
The possibilities for getting creative with holiday and winter decorating are endless.  Just ask me!