January is usually a quiet month for gardeners here in SW Wisconsin. In my gardens in Blue Mounds, all perennials are hidden under a layer of snow. The shrubs and trees have finally lost all their leaves, and birds frequent the feeders looking to get something to eat.

This winter, Jada’s Garden is buzzing with plans for the NEW retail garden center that will be built soon! We have hit rock and while the location is pretty, the limestone is providing quite a challenge for the builders!  We are continuing to explore out options for how to get the support posts into the ground.

On a more positive note, the water, electric and gas are all trenched and ready to go.  Additionally,  I  just ordered herb plugs, soil and my checkout desk for the greenhouse. Spring will be exceptionally busy this year, but we hope the anticipation and excitement of our new retail adventure here in town will carry us through.