My crocus in the garden are beginning to bloom!  For me, this is a sure sign that spring is here.

After a long winters break, I am eager to get back to work in the garden.  I like to begin my spring with a good cleanup of the yard and garden.  Removing any previous seasons growth, cleaning leaves from hidden corners, and turning mulch are good places to start.  In preparation for mulching, I break out my handy edging tool and cut a fresh, clean edge around all of my gardens.  It cleans things up and also provides a guide for mowing and presents a nice transition from the garden to the lawn.   I recommend mulching annually and prefer to do it in the spring.  When mulching it’s important to be cautious of the depth of the mulch.  My rule of thumb is not less than 2″ and no more than 4″.

I then watch the tulips, crocus, daffodils and other spring bulbs come into bloom and enjoy the beauty of a new growing season.